Brooks Running Trip Recap with Hungry Runner Girl Podcast 88

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Hungry Runner Girl: Things That Only Runners Understand

It was a really cold morning. I should have worn tights but I think the shorts made me finish the 7 miles faster because I wanted to get home as soon as possible and into a hot shower. It is one of his favorite things to do and he picked to go see Captain Underpants so the kids could come with us:. Andrew will be at the hospital for school doing shifts so we snuck in our date night together last night to grab some dinner.

We went to Happy Sumo I worked their for two years so I know the menu pretty well:. We started off with their chicken lettuce wraps and ordered a bunch of sushi.

Hungry Runner Girl is engaged. I’m happy Do you have this dumb “having a life” thing that gets in the way of staying up to date on your favorite snark? Did you.

Last week a non-runner asked me what I was planning to do for my 29th birthday. I replied that all I really wanted for my birthday was to go on a long run with my running friends. This non-runner questioned why sweating for a few hours while pounding out 16 miles was my idea of the perfect birthday. I told him that there is no better way to start the next year of your life than creating large amounts of endorphins, exploring your city on foot and having great conversations with your running pals.

This friend of mine reminded me once again that we runners really are an interesting group of people. I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the things runners do that probably seem a little bit odd to most other people. If you are a morning runner, we choose running over more sleep without even thinking twice about it. We post our runfies selfie taken while running or right after a run pictures of our shoes and Garmin all over social media.

Other runners like it! Those first few runs with a new pair of shoes really feel like you are running on clouds. We take a big cylinder of hard foam foam rollers and torture our muscles with it in order to help us recover quickly and prevent injuries. All so we can get back out there and run hard again.

My dating advice for anyone in the dating world right now + back to this… NOT OKAY!

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I told you I would give you some details about dating in my Top 10 favorite things about being single post so here ya go…. I started dating in December. Every person and every situation is so different but for me I felt like I should at that time and the people in my life that knew what my situation had been and what I had been through completely supported me in this decision. Some reasons I felt like dating again…. It got me out of my basement.

Brooke was going to bed at 7 every night and I just needed to be out and distracted. It helped me to move on and to realize that there are a lot of really really really amazing people out there. I was in desperate need at that time to just laugh and smile, to build some confidence and to go do new things. So far, so good. At first it felt really weird for obvious reasons… um I was with the same person for 6 years and never thought in a million years that I would be dating again but like I said before, what happened in the past now just feels like it was a bad dream and not even real so dating is just my new normal now.

I love the excitement that comes with going out on a date and getting dressed up and actually washing my hair on a regular basis.

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We runners are lovely people but you seriously should think twice before dating us. Running is great, runners are awesome, dating runners is not. On the outside we may Because we’re running, we are always hungry.

Runners are happy, in fantastic shape and great lovers? People who exercise regularly all have this one thing in common: they care about their health! This goes double for runners. Running is a healthy way to blow off steam and relax. If your runner has had a bad day, then they know what to do — go for a run! Running is a time when a lot of people do a lot of thinking — or they may just be thinking about you the whole time they are out there pounding the pavement in their running shoes. All the running pays off!

Runners tend to be relaxed, satisfied and positive people. People who like to eat are the best kind of people. Oh, and runners are also known for obsessing over their performance and wanting to be better, so…. A recent study found that the brains of distance runners had different connections in areas known to aid in sophisticated cognition than the brains of healthy but sedentary people.

Bloody Disgusting!

Have a great rest of runner week, Janae! Great advice on dating…. I the the never have to about it.

Hungry Runner Girl, Double. Expand. Saved from 9 ways running teaches us patience + feelin’ lucky + double date. | The Hungry Runner.

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My oh my how dating has changed over the last 7ish years.

I dated a few really great guys that were very good to me starting at about 5 months after my separation. None of those relationships even had a chance to thrive because the ending of my marriage was still way too fresh for me and I was still knee okay, forehead deep in the grieving process. And then there was a not-so-great-at-all-relationship-that-made-me-cry-a-lot thing that happened.

I told you I would give you some details about dating in my Top 10 favorite things about being single post so here ya go I started dating in.

Podcast: Play in new window Download. We both work with Brooks Running and recently went on a trip to Seattle to visit their headquarters and be a part of the Special Olympics cheer line! New here? I ran that marathon, lost 20 pounds and the site grew into a huge online community and this podcast. Old — I started the show 1 year ago now!! Pizza Omelet Recipe — 2 different ways to make this healthy breakfast pizza.

Easy Coffee Smoothie Recipe — you only need 3 ingredients to make this post-run snack! I recapped my hike from this weekend and I went to Weiner Dog Races!

Guest post: Hungry Runner Girl

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Introverts bring a lot of unique strengths to dating and relationships—and dating an Brooks Running Trip Recap with Hungry Runner Girl Podcast 88 – Run Eat​.

Hey guys! The July calendar can be found here, too. If you are reading this blog you obviously love fitness or delicious recipes and pictures of the cutest baby ever. The highs are easy, we continue to exercise and we feel like we are the bomb. It is the during the lows where we struggle to keep positive about exercise and stick to it. One of my all-time favorite quotes that can apply to fitness setbacks and how we have the choice to overcome them is by Martin Seligman:.

It is common to think that YOU are the only one that experiences fitness plateaus and setbacks but in reality we all struggle with these at different times throughout our training. I wanted to talk about 3 of the fitness setbacks I have experienced and how I overcame them hopefully you can help me out in the comments with more ways to overcome different fitness setbacks. I have had everything from Plantar Fasciitis to Femoral stress fractures. Injuries are huge setbacks in terms of fitness both physically and mentally.

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